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Tiberius Halder


Elisabeth Halder

née Mützdorf (1838–1892)

At the beginning of the family’s tradition,
they purchase the “zum Roß” brewery in 1869.

19th century

around 1910

Fritz Halder


Maria Halder

née Weinmann (1867–1934)

They establish the “Weißes Roß” as a significant guesthouse.

Fritz Halder


Elisabeth Halder

née Kelch (1904–1987)

After tough years of war, they begin to rebuild the destroyed house.

April 20, 1945

around 1960

Fritz Halder


Lydia Halder

née Zettler (1930)

They finish the expansion from 16 to 40 rooms.

Fritz Halder


Luise Halder

née Braun (1959)

They expand the hotel to host conferences and business meetings, now with 72 rooms.

um 2010

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